It's not a mission trip. It's a RAISE trip!

We do trips differently. Every RAISE trip is designed to be a completely immersive cross-cultural experience. You will participate in a successful community development ministry, and will be challenged to rethink your beliefs and assumptions about the materially poor and missions work in general. A RAISE trip is a life-changing opportunity for participants.  

The purpose of each trip is to RAISE awareness of the work being done in Highgate, and encourage participants to fully engage in the opportunities presented. Each trip will focus on:

Spiritual & Personal Development - Trip participants will see Jesus at work in and through the lives of the poor, and they will see Him at work in each other. You will grow as a person as you are stretched and challenged.

Awareness & Advocacy - A RAISE trip will expose participants to the plight of billions of people around the world who are living in poverty. Participants will learn the difference in various approaches to poverty relief, and will be invited to participate in development efforts well beyond their return the States.

Service & Acts of Kindness - The effectiveness of long-term development is measured in years and decades, not days and weeks. Therefore, we must be realistic about the long-term impact of our 5-10 days in country.  An important part of your trip will be the opportunity to serve others. Trip participants will work alongside and under the leadership of local Jamaicans to serve local residents in a wide variety of projects.

Cultural Experiences - You will learn about Jamaica and her people. You will gain a better understanding of the circumstances that led to current realities in Jamaica, and you will learn that people are people...regardless of where they are born. You will taste the food, worship in a local church, work alongside new Jamaican friends, and hopefully leave with a better concept of how Christ is uniquely working in all nations.

To learn more about joining a currently scheduled trip, or to schedule a team of you own, please contact us.