The Values that Shape Our Decisions

These standards have been set not by us, but by our God. We believe this is the basis of a community that is greater than any which can be found elsewhere in life. It is not required that anyone employed or partnering with RAISE agrees with the reasons for these standards, but it is required that these standards be respected by everyone participating in the life of RAISE.

RESPECT: All of God's creation is to be treated with care, gentleness and compassion. Individuals are to be honored for the unique role God has given them within the community and are encouraged to fully live into the person God created them to be.

JUSTICE: All people are seen as equals, regardless of status, and all wrongs will be addressed first with compassion, next with forgiveness, and thirdly with justice. The truth will be spoken in what is said, unsaid, and done.

COMMUNITY: 10% of all RAISE Jamaica Ltd. profit is given to support and strengthen the local community.

SUSTAINABILITY: God calls us first to be faithful, not successful, therefore operational practice will not place undue burden or constraint on individual participants within the community.

GENEROSITY: Life transforming sacrifice is more desirable than simply giving to meet a need. What God has given to us, we owe to others; we should always try to do and give more than is required or demanded of us. 

GOD HONORING: All we have comes from God, and all we do is for Him, therefore God is to be honored with the first and best of all we have.